How to Use?

System Requirements:

OS:Compatible with XP, Vista, Win7, Win8
RAM: 1024MB or greater, executable program takes 27Mb, loaded with a drawing file will take more RAM depends on the size of drawing file.
HD: 40MB free hard drive spaces to install

AutoDWG Conversion Server

Convert dwg to pdf, dwg to image automatically at high speed in a centrally-managed server.

Steps to use this windows service

Step 1 Download the free trial version installer

Conversion server (Demo version)

Step 2 Run and finish the installation in the target server, and then register the DLL files and the acs.exe service

    • RUN: Regsvr32 “Full path\DWG2PDFX.dll”
    • RUN: Regsvr32 “Full path\DWG2imageX.dll”
    • RUN: Regsvr32 “Full path\mfc42.dll”
    • Set up the PS path, copy the whole folder of “PS” to C:\windows\system32\PS
    • RUN: acs.exe /service
    • Start the service from the [Windows control panel\Administrative tools\Services]
Step 3 Launch AcsCtrl.exe to set up profiles of the watched folders and output file formats
    • Click menu button “File/New Profile” to create new watched folder
    • Right click on the existing listed input folder, click “add a profile” to create more output file formats or copy files without convert
Step 4 Click on the button “Start Server” to start the conversion service

Help For Developers

Trouble Shooting:
Problem 1: Press the button “Start Server” but unable to start the conversion server.

Please register the convert service.
From the command line, run “ACS.exe/ service”, then there will be new item “AutoDWG Conversion Service” be listed in the system.

Please check out the service is turned on correctly in the windows.
Please click from windows: Start--control panel--Administrative tools--Services, and look up the service called “AutoDWG Conversion Service”, this service should been started and the start type is automatically.

Problem 2: copy files into the watched folder, but no converted files created.

Please try this:
From windows “Start--Run…” copy and paste the following command:
regsvr32  "C:\Program Files\AutoDWG\DWG Conversion Server\DWGTOPDFX.dll"
regsvr32  "C:\Program Files\AutoDWG\DWG Conversion Server\DWG2ImageX.dll"

And this one:
regsvr32  "C:\Program Files\AutoDWG\DWG Conversion Server\mfc42.dll"
Problem 2: There are Image files converted successfully, but there is NO PDF file created, all files reported as converted fail.

This problem is because of the missing of PS path, or PS path not configured correctly.
Please check out there is PS path at the location C:\Windows\System32\PS\, and there are many *.ps files in this folder.
Please check out the configuration of registry is correct, please run “regedit” go to the item “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\AFPL Ghostscript\8.00” and the value of GS_LIB should be the location of the PS path. As default, the path should be C:\Windows\System32\PS\

And please note, during the installation, the browser will get a warning message that confirms you install the software, and also if you are running the anti-virus software, there is warning on write protection for the registry of your computer, please do click on the "yes" or "accept" button to allow the software alternative registry, and write the registration information, else the registration will not be completed, even the installation software proceed to the last step.


     Will this software work with 64 bit computer?

     Do you offer customized service?

     How to update the product?
     How to download the old program?

     How do I complete activation or registration?
     What shall I do, if the registration code is invalid?
     How do I retrieve the registration code of the latest version for reinstall?
     How do I get a new registration code with my upgrade?
     What to do if I fail to download/install the product on PC?
     How to transfer my license to a new PC?
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     What is your policy on refunds?
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     What is your Upgrade Policy?
     What is a "1-Year Free update"?
     If I purchased a single-user license, can I use the program on another computer?
     Can I get technical support for my Free Trial?
     What does download protection service mean?
     Can I try your products before I buy them?
     Is my purchase on your Website secure?
     Where can I find a safe discount program for your products?
     After I submit a ticket, how long before Support replies to me?
     Can I get your products on CD?

     How do I get an invoice or receipt?
     How to change license email if there is typo when I place the order?
     Can I cancel my order after placing it?
     If I buy the wrong product by mistake, can I exchange it?
     How will you tell me if my order was processed?
     Why I haven't received the refund yet?
     Do you charge VAT on my purchase?
     How do I get a refund of taxes paid?
     How do I pay for my purchase with my credit card or bank card?
     Why was the website price and what I paid different?
     How do I fix a "double charge"?
     What ways can I pay for my purchase?
     How to get a refund of Download Protection Service separately?


System Requirements:

OS:Compatible with XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10
RAM: 1024MB or greater, executable program takes 27Mb, loaded with a drawing file will take more RAM depends on the size of drawing file.
HD: 40MB free hard drive spaces to install

Technical Support:

Free technical support is available to all customers, any question please contact:


You’ll enjoy one year free update service since you buy the software. After expiry, you can continue using the software but no more updates will be available unless you purchase.

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