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Desktop version key features:

  • Enhanced conversion quality with advanced Smart Object Recognition technology.
  • Converts PDF files to fully editable DWG and DXF files.
  • Retains accuracy of lines, arcs, and True Type texts during conversion process.
  • Supports conversion of both single-page and multi-page PDF files.
  • Allows for specific page(s) conversion to DWG/DXF format.
  • Converts raster images to vector entities for more flexibility in editing.
  • Batch conversion is supported in the Pro version, allowing for efficient conversion of multiple files at once.

Why Choose AutoDWG Desktop Converter?

Earliest developer of PDF to DWG Converter

Since 2004, AutoDWG PDF to DWG Converter is known for its accuracy in converting vector PDF files to editable DWG files. It preserves layers, colors, and fonts during the conversion process.

Discover the power of offline security

Your sensitive data never leaves your computer, and it processes the data locally for even faster results. Enjoy additional advantages such as converting selected pages, OCR, and more.

Perpetual License of purchased version

The life time license provides long-term stability and predictability, allowing you to rely on the software without worrying about future costs or expiration dates.

Discover More Features of Desktop Converter

Accurate Arc Retention

Our Smart Object Recognition technology ensures that arcs in the PDF are retained with high accuracy and clarity.

Precise Line Retention

While retaining lines may seem like a basic function, other converters may not always maintain the correct location, shape, and thickness.

Text Retention

Selectable texts in the original PDF file are recreated in the DWG/DXF file, making it easy to search and modify the text.

Solid and Hatch Retention

Whether you need to convert solids and hatches from PDF to DWG or just retain the border lines of those entities.

Layer Retention

If the original pdf has layers, the program will retain all the layers in the converted dwg.

Raster to Vector Conversion

Our converter can vectorize scanned raster images and convert them to central lines or border lines with ease.

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How to Convert PDF to DWG with AutoDWG PDF to DWG Converter?

  1. Open the shortcut for “PDF to DWG Converter”.
  2. Add source PDF file and choose target.
  3. Choose pages to convert.
  4. Click the “Convert” button to start the conversion.

How to Batch Convert PDF to DWG with AutoDWG PDF to DWG Converter Pro?

  1. Open the shortcut for “PDF to DWG Pro”.
  2. Click “Add files” to selected PDF files to be converted;
  3. Click “Convert” and wait for the conversion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How to convert scanned PDF to DWG?

  1. Switch to the "Scanned Image" tab.
  2. Check the option of "Convert scanned image to vector object".
  3. Set the tracing line type and the image background color to convert.
  4. Check out the Conversion Result.


What's the difference between vector pdf and raster pdf?

Vector PDF uses math to draw shapes using points, lines and curves. Typically electrically created PDF originally from CAD program, or published/converted from CAD drawing files.

Raster PDF is an image made of hundreds (or thousands or millions) of tiny squares of color information, referred to as either pixels or dots, typical scanned PDF, or photos in a PDF.

If you open a PDF, zoom in to most details level and still see smooth lines you are seeing vector PDF. If the zoom in reveals jaggy lines it is raster PDF.


How to convert PDF to DXF online?

We also offer a free online PDF to DXF conversion service. Click here to give it a try.


How to convert PDF to DXF with the desktop converter?

  1. Launch the desktop converter.
  2. Choose the PDF file for conversion.
  3. Select "DXF" instead of "DWG."
  4. Click the "Convert" button.

Your DXF drawing file will be generated and saved in the designated folder."


How to convert Image to DWG?

AutoDWG VectorNow is a standalone program designed for converting scanned drawings, maps, and images to DWG for editing in CAD applications. It supports various formats, including BMP, JPG (JPEG), GIF, TIF (TIFF), PNG, and more


Do you provide CAD tools for modifying the converted DWG file?

Certainly! Introducing our premier AutoCAD Alternative, DWGSee CAD. This lightweight software is ideal for opening and modifying DWG/DXF/DWF files. Equipped with CAD features, it allows you to draft and edit drawings with minimal system resource consumption, ensuring efficiency for 2D drawing tasks.