How to Use?

System Requirements:

OS:Compatible with XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10
RAM: 1024MB or greater, executable program takes 27Mb, loaded with a drawing file will take more RAM depends on the size of drawing file.
HD: 40MB free hard drive spaces to install

DWGSee DWG Viewer

DWGSee is comprehensive software for viewing, printing, marking and sharing DWG files. It is fast, powerful and easy-to-use for every expert and beginners.

Starting DWGSee

After you install DWGSee on your computer, an application icon is placed on the desktop and in the Start menu, double-click the DWGSee icon to open the program.

DWGSee screenshot

File operation

Batch printing

Varieties of work can be done in a few minutes by DWGSee, just select the files, set up layouts and model space, and print them. (kindly notice: this may consume a lot of paper, which is not environmentally friendly, please think twice before doing this.)


STEP1. Go to “File” > “Batch Print”.

If you are in the DWGSee “Browser Mode”:

Option1. Go to “File” > “Batch Print”

Option2. Hold “Ctrl” and click the drawings that you need one by one in current folder, when finished, right click on any of the highlighted file and select “Batch Print”

Press “Add” and choose a bunch of files to the print list, you may select bulk layouts to be printed.

Note: You may also use the “Layout Select” button to choose “Paper Space”, “Model Space” and “All Layouts” in one go.

Note: You may also set the number of copies, print in black and white, etc. in the other two tabs “Print Scale” and “Line Width”.

If it is the first time you use the DWGSee print function, please click “Print Setup” to set the printer properties, or just press the “Print” button and wait for your papers.

Convert AutoCAD drawings to PDF, with markup

PDF file is more accessible than AutoCAD drawing, use DWGSee to “export to PDF”, markups can be added before conversion and multiple drawings can be merged into one PDF.


Option1. Find the “Export to PDF” button on the toolbar.

Option2. Go to “File” > “Export” > Choose “Convert to PDF”. 

In the open window,
Click “Browse” if you need to change the target folder.
Choose if you need to “Create individual PDF” or “Merge into a single PDF”.
If you need the markup preserved in the output, click the “Exporting with markup” checkbox.

Go to next step and set the page size, output color and image resolution.

Click “Next” and wait for the conversion. You may see that all the linked Xref’s are preserved in the output. You can view or email the PDF directly to others.

Convert AutoCAD drawings to JPG, with markup

DWG, DXF and DWF files are not portable, so you need DWG viewer on a non-AutoCAD computer. Drawing image is also useful when it is on a computer without DWGSee, especially when X-refs and markups contained.

Option1. Find the “Export to Image” button on the toolbar.

Option2. Go to “File” > “Export” > Choose “Convert to JPG, BMP…”  

In the open window, choose an output format (BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF) and go with the other options.

Note: If you need the markup preserved in the output, click the “Exporting with markup” checkbox.


File Size

Image Quality



High quality with lossless data compression.



Variable by adjusting compression level. Perfect for most images.



Useful for animation and image maps.



Good and useful for line art, text-heavy images.



High, no image loss. Good choice for achieving important images.

Click “Next” and wait for the conversion. You can view or email the PDF directly to others.

A raster image becomes grainier when it is zoomed in, but a vector image won’t. Vector image is advantageous for its small size but high resolution. You don’t need to produce large image to maintain the high resolution.

Find drawings by keywords

It is an advanced feature available in the “Browser mode” for text searching of multiple drawings in folder and its subfolder. DWGSee will go through all the drawing file for the matched text.


Hold “Ctrl” and press “B” to go to the Browser mode.

Run the command
Option1. Find the “Search text in drawings” button on the tool bar

Option2. Right click in the view, and find the “Search text in drawings” item

Option3. Right click on a drawing thumbnail and find the “Search text in drawings” item

Type the text, choose a destination folder and click “OK”.

Double click on a drawing thumbnail to view the drawing. Use arrow button on the toolbar to switch drawings.

Note: You may want to search again in the drawing to locate the specific text in a drawing, please see >> Search and find text in the drawing.

I searched a keyword and it gives me 2 results. Double clicked one file and open the drawing.
Now use the arrow buttons “Next drawing” and “Previous drawings” to browse all the matched drawings for reviews.
To precisely locate a keyword, hold “Ctrl” and press “F” to find the text location in the drawing.

Save DWF as a DWG or DXF

Drawing can be digitized and vectorized, DWF can also be back to DWG and DXF. Use DWGSee to convert DWG to DXF, DXF to DWG, DWG to DWF, DXF to DWF, DWF to DWG and DWF to DXF. When complete, click “save as” and you’ll get it.


Open a DWF file, go to “File” > “Save as a copy” or click the “Save as” button on the navigation bar.

In the open “Save as” window, give the new drawing file a name and from the drop down menu of the “Save as type”, select DWG or DXF format and the CAD version. Choose where you want to keep the new drawing file and click “OK”.

Browser mode advanced features

DWGSee browser is independent of AutoCAD. It is not only a drawing file viewer, but also featured with advanced functions. You can quickly add markups and print, easily count entities in drawing, simply convert files into PDF or image using the export feature and etc.

In Browser mode, you can batch print and search text in multiple drawings and compare differences between two drawings.


Batch print

Reading docs on screen could be challenging, DWGSee can batch print DWG/DXF/DWF docs by the sequence you chose.

Search text

DWGSee will go through all chosen directories and list all matched result for your check. You may open anyone and click "Next drawing" and "Previous drawing" to view quickly.


Select two drawing files and enable the instant visual comparison. DWGSee Compare automatically measure, rotate and align two drawing revisions and highlight all differences with dash squares. They are categorized in new entities, modified entities and deleted entities and marked with different colors.


DWGSee Markup

Drawing file can be transferred everywhere, and they can be back with markups. DWGSee creates overlays for markups, so that markups will not affect the original. Markup overlays are saved in separate *.mrk file. The reviewer can just send you back the *.mrk file for you to see remarks.

Here are some introductions of it.

For this demonstration, you will have a glance of how DWGSee markup collaborates and coordinates with the drawings.

Open/save/close markup

In DWGSee, measure and markup tools are saved in the Markup menu, so both measures and markups are stored in the same *.MRK file once you clicked “save markup”.
To open an existing markup, please go to “File” > “Open Markup …”
To close an open markup, please go to “File” > “Close Markup…”
To save the current markup, please go to “File” > “Save Markup…”

Select a measure or drawing markup tool

Measure markups

The tool of measure is for the distance between two points, angles between two unparallel lines and radius of a circle, an arc, a curve and a arch. You’ll have to choose these tools on the navigation bar to add measures.

Callout markups

The Callout tool enables you to create a call-out shape that points to a particular location in the drawing. You can enter text in the call-out box for explanation.

Text box markup

The Text Box tool is similar to the Callout tool, except it is only a text box that can be placed at any location on the drawing. You can enter text in the text box.

Free drawing markups

It is like the actual drawing on paper, it can be divided into three types: Free Redline markup, Polyline markup and Rectangle markup.


Compare drawing differences

You may find it hard to recall the changes you made to the drawing file several days ago, don’t worry! DWGSee can list every change you made by comparing drawing differences. You can also use this feature to check the actions made by your teammates.


Option1. Go to “Tools” > “DWG Compare…”

Option2. Press the “Find differences between versions” button on the tool bar.

If you are in the Browser mode, go to “File” > “DWG compare”.

Click “…” buttons to add your 2 versions of drawing files. You may refer to examples in the DWGSee installation folder (default location: C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoDWG\DWGSee Pro).

Note: Click the “Setting” button to find more compare options.

Click “OK” to compare and highlight differences in two drawings.

Text searching in AutoCAD drawing

No matter it is in note, title block, or with pointer, DWGSee will help you locate and highlight it in the center of the screen and list the text in the right pane, you may select “Case Sensitive” and “Match Whole Word” to restrict results.

Option1. Go to the “Find” button on the navigation bar.  

Option2. Go to “Tools” > “Find”.

Option3. Hold “Ctrl” and press “F” on your keyboard.

Type what text you want to find then click “OK”. The search results are limit to current space (model or layout).

In this example, I would like to see where Jane’s desk is in our new working place, so I enter “Jane” in the textbox and finally located Jane.

Counting blocks, symbols, entities in a drawing

Have you been wondering how many widget blocks are in your drawing? You can mark the entities or blocks by checks, and count the number of checks you made. When symbols and attributed blocks use your drawing, it can be automatically checked. Attribute definition is not required for blocks, nest blocks and Xref blocks are supported.


Please Open the drawing and find the “Count Items” on the toolbar.

Find the “New” button to define a new group of entities.
Name the group and type it into the “Item Name” box, to count all the instances of same block in the drawing. Check the “Search and check all similar items”, and click “OK”.

Get back to the drawing and you will find that when the mouse hovers, the mouse arrow will turn into a square or a gray mark sign.
When it sniffers a block entity, the mouse shape turns into a square, in this way, you may click the mouse key and DWGSee will count out how many times the selected block are instanced in the drawing. You may find the calculated quantity shown in the “Counter Manager”. A green mark sign will then be added to each counted block on the screen.

Note: To better help getting an accurate result, it is suggested to use your mouse wheel to zoom in before you tick on screen.

A gray mark sign allows you to select a single entity. If you want to add more entities to a same group, just tick the blocks individually as you want and DWGSee will continue counting the number.

Copy the vector drawing into a Word document

Raster image can be inserted as vector image in MS Word. Creating WMF/EMF figures for MS Office, you can copy any part of your DWG, DXF and DWF drawing to the MS Word document and remain it to be measurable.


You have 3 options to call the copy function from DWGSee:

Option1. Go to “Edit” and find the copy options.

Option2. Right-click on the drawing and find the copy options.

Option3. Hold “Ctrl” and press “C” to copy the current view or hold “Ctrl” and press “R” to copy a certain part of the drawing in clipboard.

Go to your MS document, and paste the vector image there.


External reference (Xref)

Xref is an external reference to another AutoCAD drawing file. One drawing can refer many other files and display them as one. If messages like below pops up when you open a drawing file in DWGSee, you’ll need to load the Xref manually, or it’ll become incomplete.


Go to “Options” > “Xref Manager”, you will find all the referenced files in the “Xref Manager” and the status is “Not Found”

Option1. Put the drawing together with all the external references drawings.  

Option2. Choose every reference file in the list and click “Browse” to re-locate the reference file.

When the Xref file is selected, click “Save Path” to update the status.

Option3. Go to “Options” > “Font/Xref path…”

Click “Add” and choose th Xref’s location, then click “OK” to apply.

You may need to close the drawing and restart DWGSee again, there won’t be a error message as Xrefs are all loaded.


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System Requirements:

OS:Compatible with XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10
RAM: 1024MB or greater, executable program takes 27Mb, loaded with a drawing file will take more RAM depends on the size of drawing file.
HD: 40MB free hard drive spaces to install

Technical Support:

Free technical support is available to all customers, any question please contact:


You’ll enjoy one year free update service since you buy the software. After expiry, you can continue using the software but no more updates will be available unless you purchase.

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