PDFin - import your PDF to AutoCAD

Converts PDF into editable DWG or DXF

Supports AutoCAD 2013 Now!

Key Features:

  • Convert PDF file to editable DWG and DXF file;
  • Save PDF as AutoCAD R14 - R2013 DWG/DXF files;
  • Supports all versions of Adobe PDF file;
  • Retain lines, arcs, true type texts;
  • Accepts single page or multi-page PDF input;
  • Select specific page(s) to be converted;
  • Convert raster image to vector entities (Stand-alone version only*);
  • Support batch conversion(Pro version only*);
  • Retain the PDF scale, scale preset;
  • High quality, ease of use.
*Version differences, see details


Example of PDF to DWG converter:

Version differences:

There are 3 different versions, PDFin AutoCAD plug-in version, stand-alone version, Pro-Batch version

PDFin PDF to DWG Converter

  • PDFin is AutoCAD plug-in, AutoCAD full blown version requested. Supports AutoCAD R14~2013,
  • Install and launch program with AutoCAD command “PDFin”, then it will import PDF to AutoCAD drawing area directly,
  • The resulted drawing retains all vector editable lines, arcs texts and solid entities in PDF, and it converts scanned raster pdf as image references.
  • Prior file conversion, you can select PDF page ranges and preset scale, as default it is 1:1.

PDF to DWG Converter Stand-Alone Version

  • An independent application, no AutoCAD or Adobe required. Works for AutoCAD LT, IntelliCAD. TurboCAD...
  • It preserves all features of PDFIn AutoCAD plug-in version, and additional supports scanned raster PDF vectorization.
  • This PDFin stand-alone can save your PDF file as AutoCAD compatible DWG or DXF files, all editable.

PDF to DWG Pro-Batch Version:

  • It preserves all features of PDF to DWG Stand-alone version, and also supports batch conversion, to process many PDF files in one go.
  • This PDFin Pro will save your time and greatly enhance your working efficient, especially if there are many PDF files to deal with.

System Requirements:

  • OS: 32bit or 64bit Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Win8
  • RAM: upper than 512MB is recommended.
  • HDD: software installation requires 20 MB free spaces.

Other Languages: German, Italy, French, Spain, Japanese

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