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Why I haven't received the refund yet?

If you have applied for a refund and haven't received the funds yet it could be due to one or more of the following reasons. 

1. There is a delay with processing your refund.
This typically occurs over bank holidays and festive seasons where banks are closed or may have a large volume of transactions to process. 

Once a refund has been confirmed by us it typically takes 7 to 10 business days for the funds to be credited to your account. 
However depending on the transaction type it may take up to 21 days over busy festive periods. 

2. A chargeback has been requested.
Once a chargeback has been requested the funds will be frozen by the payment authority (card issuer / bank / paypal etc.), until the verdict of the chargeback request has been determined. 
Please contact the payment company or card issuer to request further details regarding their chargeback procedures. 

3. A refund has not been issued.
We will normally only process a refund if your case meets the refund requirements laid out in our refund policy.

4. The product wasn't purchased from our official website or was purchased through a third party reseller. 
If you purchased the software through a third party reseller, then unfortunately we are unable to process a refund for you. 
This is because the payment process is conducted through a secure third party payment system that we don't have access to. For security reasons your payment information is not shared and therefore we can't action a refund request. 
We will however do our best to help you contact the correct reseller so as you can request a refund from them.