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How to convert ttf to searchable text in the pdf?

Set outwithttf value to 1, then the ttf text will be converted searchable in the pdf.

VB script example:

Dim obj
Set obj= CreateObject("DWGTOPDFX.ConvertPDF")

obj.Width = 250 'uint is mm
obj.Height = 150 'uint is mm
obj.ColorMode = 1 '1--white&black 0--256color mode

Obj.DPI = 300

obj.OutWithTTF = 1

obj.AddFontPath "D:\Program Files\AutoCAD 2005\Fonts"
obj.InputFile = "E:\temp\44650-39b.dwg"
obj.PsPath = " C:\Windows\system32\PS\lib;C:\Windows\system32\PS\fonts "
obj.Convert "E:\temp\44650-39b.pdf"