If you have a floor plan with lots of blocks and annotations covering a certain part of drawing then you can hide some of those objects to clear the mess and work in that area. Later on, when you are done with the drawing you can bring back those hidden objects.

You can do it using layer visibility toggle as well but in that case, all objects on a particular layer are affected but with the Hide and Isolate option you can selectively hide interfering objects.

Status Bar Button

Click the button to choose whether you want to isolate or hide selected objects, or end object isolation.

  • Hide Objects makes the objects that you select temporarily invisible.
  • Isolate Objects makes all objects temporarily invisible except the ones that you select.
  • End Object Isolation restores the display of all affected objects.

How to Make Objects Temporarily Invisible?

You can temporarily suppress the visibility of specified objects.

Right click menu
  • Right Click the Objects, and then access Isolate options to hide objects, to isolate objects, and to end object isolation.
  • You can temporarily suppress the display of all objects except the selected ones using the Isolate Objects (ISOLATEOBJECTS).
  • You can temporarily suppress the display of selected objects using the Hide Objects feature (HIDEOBJECTS).
  • You can turn off, or freeze all objects on specified layers.
  • By default, when you close and reopen a drawing, all previously hidden objects are displayed. (OBJECTISOLATIONMODE)
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