How to Use Block Statistics Table?

Block Statistics is a valuable tool used in various design fields such as architecture, engineering, interior design, landscaping, civil engineering, and product design. It streamlines the process of counting blocks, enhances design analysis, aids in project planning, and simplifies block management for quotations and objects.

Key Features:

  • Block count in one time: User can choose the entire drawing or a specific part of the drawing to calculate the quantity of blocks.
  • Automated Counting: Automates the process of counting blocks within a drawing.
  • Accurate Quantity Determination: It provides accurate and reliable information about the quantity of blocks used in a design.
  • Comprehensive Documentation and Reporting: Designers can generate detailed reports or tables of blocks with just a click.
  • Effortless and Time-Saving: The process of block counting with table saves time and effort without affecting the drawing.

How to Use Block Statistics Table in DWGSee CAD?

  • Click Menu “Tools/Block Statistics/Blocks”
  • Check the block type/block name that you need count, and also enter the table text height.
  • Specify the insert point of the statics table.
  • The Block Statics Table will be inserted it into the drawing, displaying the counts of the selected blocks.

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