How to Create a Block in AutoCAD?

You can create blocks by associating objects and giving them a name or by creating a drawing to be used as a block. There’re several ways to create a block in AutoCAD. We’ll discuss three options in this section on how to create a block in AutoCAD.

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Block Command

You can found in the ribbon as the Create icon in the Block panel of the Home tab, This is where you’ll name it, define its basepoint, specify what objects to use, and other behaviors and settings. If you’re using it in a script and don’t want the dialog use -BLOCK instead.

  1. Create the objects you want to use in the block definition.
  2. Click Insert tab, Block Definition panel, Create Block. 
  3. In the Block Definition dialog box, enter a block name in the Name box.
  4. Under Objects, select Convert to Block.Note: If Delete is selected, the original objects are erased from the drawing when the block is created. If necessary, you can use OOPS to restore them.
  5. Under Base Point and Objects, make sure Specify On-screen is not selected.
  6. Select Objects.
  7. Use your pointing device to select the objects to be included in the block definition. Press Enter to complete object selection.
  8. In the Block Definition dialog box under Base Point, specify the block insertion point using one of these methods.
    • Click Pick Point to specify a point using the pointing device.
    • Enter the X,Y,Z coordinate values of the point.
  9. In the Description box, enter a description for the block definition. This description is displayed in DesignCenter™ (ADCENTER).
  10. Click OK.The block is defined in the current drawing and can be inserted at any time.

Convert to Block

If you want to convert your objects into a block and keep them as an instance of your new block, make sure you have the Convert to Block option checked. Otherwise, you can choose to either delete the selected objects or to keep them. Either way, the new block information will be written to the block table.


While we might only think of it as the tool to write blocks or objects to a new drawing file, the resultant block in your drawing will be named the same as you specify in the path/name field. Only this option will create a block, the Retain and Delete options don’t.

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