How to Copy Nested Objects in an xref or block?

Instead of exploding or binding an xref, block, or DGN underlay to be able to copy objects nested within them, you can copy the selected objects directly into the current drawing.

NCOPY (Command)

The following prompts are displayed.

Nested Objects to Copy

Specifies the component of an xref, block, or underlay that you want to copy.Base pointSets the point to be used as a base point for placing the copied objects.Second pointIn combination with the first point, specifies a vector that indicates how far, and in what direction, the selected objects are moved.

If you press Enter to accept the Use first point as displacement default, the first point is interpreted as a relative X,Y,Z displacement. For example, if you specify 2,3 for the base point and press Enter at the next prompt, the objects move 2 units in the X direction and 3 units in the Y direction from their current position.


Specifies a relative distance and direction from the base point location.


Controls whether multiple copies are created automatically as you specify additional locations.


Arranges a specified number of copies in a linear array using the first and second copy as the spacing distance.Number of items to array

Specifies the number of sets of the selected objects in the array, including the original selection set.

  • Second point (Number of items). Determines a distance and direction for the array relative to the base point. The distance you specify determines the distance between the base points of each object in the array.

FitArranges a specified number of copies in a linear array using the first and last copy as the total spacing distance.

  • Second point (Fit). Positions the last copy in the array at the specified displacement distance and direction. The other copies are evenly spaced in a linear array between the first copy and the last copy.


Controls whether named objects that are associated with the selected objects are added to the drawing.InsertDuplicates the selected objects to the current layer without regard to named objects. This option is similar to the COPY command.BindIncludes named objects such as blocks, dimension styles, layers, linetypes, and text styles associated with the copied objects into the drawing.

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