How to Convert PNG to SVG?

If you have a drawing or logo in raster format, you can vectorize it to quickly grab an editable and scalable copy for further manipulations. For website illustrations, the smaller file size of vector images is a major benefit, and they look much better given that people browse the web at a multitude of different resolutions.

What is PNG?

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is a commonly used image file format. It is a lossless compressedive image format designed to replace the GIF format. PNG supports 256 colors and transparency, and can be edited and saved multiple times without loss of image quality. PNG files can store high-quality images with a small file size and good image details.

What is SVG?

SVG stands for “Scalable Vector Graphics”. It is a vector graphics format based on XML. Vector graphics are created from a series of points connected by lines. Each element of the vector graphics, such as color, shape, size, outline, and screen position, is an object. SVG is a way to describe 2D vector graphics based on XML. It can provide high-quality rendering of vector graphics and has strong interactivity due to support for JavaScript and Document Object Model.

What are the Advantanges of SVG Format Compared to PNG?

SVG format has the following advantages compared to PNG:

  1. Vector graphics: SVG is based on vector graphics, which means it can be scaled without losing image quality. PNG is a pixel-based image format, and when scaled, the image quality may be lost.
  2. Transparency: SVG supports transparency, allowing you to create images with transparent backgrounds or semi-transparent objects. PNG also supports transparency, but it uses a different method to achieve it.
  3. Editability: SVG is based on XML, making it easy to edit and modify the image using text editors or graphics software. PNG is a binary format, and editing it requires specialized software.
  4. Small file size: Vector graphics are more efficient in terms of file size compared to pixel-based images. Therefore, SVG files are usually smaller than PNG files of the same image quality.
  5. Interactivity: SVG supports JavaScript and CSS, allowing you to add interactivity and animations to the image. PNG does not support interactivity or animations.

In short, SVG has better scalability, transparency, editability, and file size efficiency compared to PNG, while also supporting interactivity and animations. However, PNG is still widely used for its simplicity and compatibility with older systems.

What are the Differences Between SVG and PNG for Cricut?

Advantages of SVGs:

  • Scalability
  • Interactivity
  • Easily editable
  • Compact file-size
  • SEO friendly

Advantages of PNGs:

  • Lossless compression
  • It supports a large number of colors
  • Support for transparency
  • Perfect for editing images
  • Sharp edges and solid colors

Why Use SVG Files in Cricut?

As SVG files can be changed to fit any size, they are very useful when it comes to Cricut projects. For example, if you have a T-shirt project, you will need to adjust the artwork’s size so that it fits the shirt. Well, if your artwork is saved as an SVG file type, you can simply adjust it based on the size of the T-shirt you are working with.

Another great benefit of using SVG files in Cricut is that SVG files retain layer data, including transparent backgrounds. This means that your artwork doesn’t require any extra work once you import it. It’s all cut up and ready to go.

Top 3 PNG to SVG Converter

Adobe Express

Adobe Express is an intuitive JPG or PNG to SVG converter with extensive functionality. Thanks to many picture editing options, it can help you fine-tune every part of your photo without problems.


Inkscape is an open-source vector graphics tool fitted with a variety of features, including object creation and management, rendering, text support, fill, and tracing. This is probably the best SVG converter for design professionals, who are active in a wide variety of industries that require SVG file converting.

RealWorld Paint

When you create a vector image with RealWorld Paint or upload a rasterized photo, you can save the file as SVG, and the software will take care of all the calculations and changes in the background.

Top 3 PNG to SVG Online Conversion Website

Adode Express Online

The free PNG to SVG converter tool from Adobe Express lets you upload your PNG image and convert it to SVG in seconds.


Pixelied online converts PNG to SVG images in seconds without losing its quality and installing any software or plugins!

Vector Magic

Vector Magic online easily Convert JPG, PNG, GIF Files to PDF, SVG, EPS Vectors
Quickly get your artwork ready to print, embroider, cut, and more with the world’s best full-color auto-tracer!

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