How to Convert Multiple Lines to Polyline in AutoCAD

In AutoCAD, a polyline is a connected sequence of line or arc segments, creating a single object. It can be used to create open or closed shapes and is incredibly useful for creating complex geometries with precision.

What are the Difference Between a Line and a Polyline?

The main difference between a line and a polyline is that a line is a single, straight segment connecting two points, while a polyline is a sequence of connected line segments (two or more) that form a complex shape or path. Lines are typically represented as straight, solid lines, while polylines can be made up of straight or curved lines and can have different weights or thicknesses. Polylines are often used to represent more complex geometric shapes or paths, such as a sequence of points connected by lines in a drawing or a path traced by a cursor or vehicle.


How to Convert Multiple Lines to Polyline in AutoCAD?

To convert multiple lines to polyline in AutoCAD, you can use the ‘Join’ command or the ‘PEDIT’ command.


  • Click Home tab Modify panel Join.
  • Select a source object or select multiple objects to join together.
  • Valid objects include lines, arcs, elliptical arcs, polylines, 3D polylines, and splines.


  • Click Modify/Polyline.
  • Select a polyline, spline, line, or arc to edit. If you selected a spline, line, or arc, press Enter to convert the selected object into a polyline.
  • Enter j (Join).
  • Select one or more polylines, splines, lines, or arcs that are located end to end.
  • Press Enter to end the command.

Spline-fit polylines return to their original shape when joined. Polylines cannot be joined into a Y shape.
If the properties of several objects being joined into a polyline differ, the resulting polyline inherits the properties of the first object that you selected.

How to Convert Multiple Lines to Polyline in DWGSee CAD?

In DWGSee CAD, there are more methods to convert the lines to polyline quickly.


It is very easy to use, just select one line and then the connected lines will be converted to one polyline automatically.

  • Command line: LTP or LINESTOPL
  • Select one line entity and then turn multiple connected lines to one polyline.


  • Menu “Editor/Polyline edit” or command line enter “Pedit”/”PE”
  • Select one line, and then press enter to confirm to turn lines to polyline.


  • Command line: MPL or MP
  • Select line objects, you may select line one by one or use box select all lines directly.


  • Command line: Join or J
  • Select a source line
  • Select the lines to join to source line
  • Right click or Press Enter to confirm

How to Convert Polyline to Multiple lines?

Select the line the press the explode button on the ribbon – this will convert the line to a multi-segmented set of basic lines – each of which can be edited separately.

When you explode a polyline, any associated width information is discarded. The resulting lines and arcs follow the polyline’s centerline. If you explode a block that contains a polyline, you need to explode the polyline separately. If you explode a donut, its width becomes 0.

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