How to Convert DWF to DWG with AutoDWG Programs?

AutoCAD, DWG TrueView, and Design Review do not have a conversion feature to change DWF files into DWG format. DWF/DWFx files are a “digital plot” file containing only low-intelligence entities. It is not intended for use as a drawing file exchange format and cannot be fully recovered or changed back to a standard drawing file with AutoCAD Programs.

But AutoDWG has developed several programs to convert back dwf to dwg, such as DWGSeePro, DWGSee CAD and DWF to DWG Converter Pro.


Save as

Open a DWF file with DWGSee Pro, go to “File” > “Save as” or click the “Save as” button on the navigation bar. In the open “Save as” window, give the new drawing file a name and from the drop down menu of the “Save as type”, select DWG format and the CAD version. Choose where you want to keep the new drawing file and click “OK”.


Save As

DWGSee CAD has the same save as function as DWGSeePro.

Underlay DWF

You can create a new drawing with DWGSee CAD, and then click “Insert/DWF Underlay” to insert the dwf file, and then save the new drawing to a dwg file.

AutoDWG DWF to DWG Converter Pro

With AutoDWG DWF to DWG Converter Pro, all DWF entity types exported by AutoCAD are supported, including arcs, elliptical arcs, ellipses, True Type Font, etc., so that you can retain DWF entities to correspond with DWG entities easily. For layers saved in DWF, the converter will read the information and recreate the layer in DWG, new DWF v6.0 multi page specification. And this program also support process mutiple files at one time.

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