AutoCAD 2025 New Commands and System Variables

New commandsDescriptionAutoCADAutoCAD LT
ACTIVITYINSIGHTSCLOSECloses the Activity Insights palette.Note: Now available in AutoCAD LT.
ACTIVITYINSIGHTSOPENOpens the Activity Insights palette where you can see the past actions that you or others have performed in your drawings.Note: Now available in AutoCAD LT.
BCONVERT-BCONVERTConverts selected geometry and identical instances into blocks.
DETECTDisplays the Detect palette and starts object detection.
DETECTCLOSEEnds the detection review.
DETECTCONVERTDisplays the Convert dialog box, which you can use to convert the highlighted instances into blocks.
DETECTPRIMARYSpecifies the detected instance from which a new block definition is created.
DETECTREMOVERemoves selected instances from the set.
DETECTREVIEWNEXTDisplays the next set of detected objects.
DETECTREVIEWPREVDisplays the previous set of detected objects.
New system variablesDescriptionAutoCADAutoCAD LT
ACTIVITYINSIGHTSSTATEIndicates whether the Activity Insights palette is open or closed.Note: Now available in AutoCAD LT.
ACTIVITYINSIGHTSSUPPORTEnables or disables the Activity Insights feature.Note: Now available in AutoCAD LT.
BLOCKEXCLUDECOLORSets the color highlighting for identified instances that should not be converted into blocks.
BLOCKINCLUDECOLORSets the color highlighting for identified instances that can be converted into blocks.
BLOCKTARGETCOLORSets the color highlighting for the specified instance from which the new block definition is created.
ENABLESYNCPDFControls whether AutoCAD embeds source drawing information for drawings saved to Autodesk Docs when they are plotted or published using one of the AutoCAD PDF plotter configurations.
DX12FRAMERATEUNLIMITEDEnables variable sync monitor optimization.
HPDRAWMODEControls the drawing mode used when defining new boundaries to hatch or fill.
HPPATHALIGNMENTSpecifies the alignment of new drawn paths to be hatched or filled.
HPPATHWIDTHSpecifies the width of new drawn paths to be hatched or filled.

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