AutoDWG PDFin AutoCAD Plug-in, Convert Vector PDF into Editable DWG and DXF Faster than Ever!

With the AutoDWG PDFin AutoCAD Plug-in, you can easily convert vector PDF files into editable DWG and DXF files directly within AutoCAD. This plug-in is compatible with AutoCAD versions R14~2022 and requires AutoCAD to run.

* Please note that this plug-in has limited compatibility with AutoCAD LT and raster scanned PDF files.
* For more advanced functionality, please check out our standalone version.

Key features:

  • Enhanced conversion quality with Smart Object Recognition technology;
  • Convert vector PDF files to editable DWG and DXF files within AutoCAD;
  • Retain accuracy of lines, arcs, and True Type texts;
  • Accept single page and multi-page PDF input;
  • Support specific page(s) conversion.

Accurate Arc Retention:

Our Smart Object Recognition technology ensures that arcs in the PDF are retained with high accuracy and clarity. See the images below for a comparison between our AutoDWG and a leading competitor.

PDF example autodwg competitor

Precise Line Retention:

While retaining lines may seem like a basic function, other converters may not always maintain the correct location, shape, and thickness. We have years of experience in dealing with these problems to ensure that our AutoDWG PDF to DWG converter retains lines with precision.

Text Retention:

Want to search and change text? Our converter can handle that too! Selectable texts in the original PDF file are recreated in the DWG/DXF file, making it easy to search and modify the text.

Solid and Hatch Retention:

Whether you need to convert solids and hatches from PDF to DWG or just retain the border lines of those entities, AutoDWG PDF to DWG converter is the ideal solution!
News Release:

The latest version of this PDFin AutoCAD Plug-in 2016 has been released recently.

1. What is the Vector PDF?

Vector PDF uses math to draw shapes using points, lines and curves. Typically electrically created PDF originally from CAD program, or published/converted from CAD drawing files.

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